What a year it has been. With only a few days left, we wanted to take the time to provide a short recap of our 2020 journey, and share some thoughts with you.

It’s fair to say we had our fair share of lady luck in 2020: as the world went “remote”, the demand for our digital services to help these users communicate digitally to get RFx transactions done, became greater and more urgent.

We also saw greater attention being paid by companies to transparency and reducing friction costs within the supply chain. Our digital services help break down informational asymmetry between businesses, moving all RFx communication from thousands of opaque emails to a transparent and collaborative auditable digital platform.

Our puritanical product focussed approach continued: we obsess over shifting the paradigm for industrial business from only having access to clunky overpriced legacy systems to one where they have access to the latest agile user-focussed ones. Disrupting the market is at our core, and it has started to pay dividends, with forward looking partners joining us on our journey. …

The times are changing. Fast.

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We have seen an explosion in digital adoption from businesses across the supply chain over the past year, with COVID induced remote working putting a knife into the stranglehold that manual processes had in some corners of the industrial business world.

This adoption has been furthered by the increasing attention which global companies are paying to supply chain transparency and sustainability: something which digitalisation enables by creating more auditable processes and information sharing across counterparties. No more hiding behind thousands of opaque email trails.

Shipbroking, a naturally communication intensive process, is a logical supply chain function that can take advantage of digital tools to increase its service offering to clients. End clients who value sustainable and efficient practices expect as a minimum that their brokers carry out all communication with potential suppliers in a transparent and auditable way, and move away from emails in these efforts. …


Jack Macfarlane

Digitising global RFx trade | CEO at DeepStream

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